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Execute Jump-Start Technique When You Suspect Your Car Battery is Dead

Time: 2010-10-14

There will be circumstances that your car may not start after repeated attempts. Then you need to check the healthiness of the battery. If you suspect your car battery has gone, then the jump-starting technique will help you to start your car and you can proceed to workshop for battery replacement. For executing the jump-start technique, you have to take help from other car of your neighbor having a healthy battery.

First observe for any cracks in the battery body covering or its exterior surface. If you notice any discontinuities on the surface of the battery, never try to jump-start it. Then it is preferable to purchase a new battery. If you notice white or green or blue residue in the vicinity of the battery leads, scrub it off with the help of a wire brush. The formation of this residue is the warning that time is nearing to replace it with a fresh battery.

Verify that the batteries in both the cars are having comparable voltage. Place the cars adjacent to each other such that the cars are not touching one another and ensure both ignitions are in switched off condition in the beginning.

This is the universal convention that each battery has two leads. One is marked positive (+ ve) and the other one is negative (- ve). The positive terminal of the battery usually has a wrap covered over it and a bunch of wires attached to it. Generally the exposed plain black wire is connected to negative terminal of the battery. In order to do a safe jump-start you must follow the sequence of operations. You have to start work first with the dead battery.

Connect one end of a cable to the positive lead of the dead battery. Now connect the other end of the same wire to the positive lead of the starting car. Take another cable and connect one end of it to the negative lead of the starting car. The second of this cable is connected to engine block of your car having dead battery at essentially unpainted metal surface. Please keep in mind that negative cable should not be connected to the dead battery itself.

Now ensure all connections are proper. After ensuring the firm connections now start the car that is used for jump start and keep it in idling for 5 minutes. Now start the car having dead battery. The car must start, if it is not then wait for few more minutes and try for next attempt. If your car does not start then it is not going to start. You need to have help of a tow truck.

The entire procedure needs proper care. The following points help you in preventing damage to your hands and car. Always use gloves while cleaning the residue matter that is formed at the battery leads. These corrosion products can be nasty if it touches your skin. After ensuring the proper connections keep you away from the hood areas of the cars. Safety goggles will help you in case of unexpected circumstances. While disconnecting the cables you must follow the same direction in the reverse way. That means you have to disconnect from the block first and positive lead of the starting car last. The most important thing is smoking is strictly prohibited while executing the entire operation.

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