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tigerpump Design

Time: 2010-05-31

tigerpump Pioneered the innovative Design and techniques to manufacture .Process area utility sheds, DG sheds, light air compressor houses, rechargable work light and packaging area, go-downs etc. Turbo ventilator under the registered Trade Mark of tigerpump® under ISO 9001 – 2010 certified facilities. It’s a matter of pride that tigerpump is exporting tigerpumpr and is continuously improvising the design.

It has no operating cost and gives excellent ventilation performance making the work areas like Boiler/furnace/ Oven sheds, Curing and drying areas, Casting and moulding sheds, workshops, more cooler and comfortable to work in.

What is more advantageous that being a wind operated gadget it qualifies for 80% depreciation in the first year itself.
Depreciation Schedule IT Rules 1962 Under section : 32

A very important added advantage accomplished by the fall in temperature (which is induced by the enhanced cycles of air changes) is the improvement in the performance of the volumetric compression machines like air compressors, DG sets, Turbine which give better performance with lower intake air temperatures.

The Eco ventilators are most cost effective substitute to the exhaust fans which continuously gulp the electric power and also have maintenance problems.
Thus, tigerpump are most cost effective substitute to the exhaust fans which continuously gulp the electric power and also have maintenance problems

tigerpump manufacturs Ecoventilators from a belly diameter ranging from 300mm (12”) to 1060 mm (42”). For Industrial applications tigerpump designed Model EV 28 & EV 31 which became industry standard.

tigerpump’s R&D team has developed Ecoventilators with inlet Guide vanes for further Some of the Suggested areas: Utility sheds, Warehouses, Production area, Stores, DG set room, Boiler room, Compressor room, Furnace & Oven sheds, Machine shop, Work shop, Maintenance sheds, Electrical MCC room, Panel rooms, dyeing plants, extrusion shops, Injection molding shops, Finished Goods Stores etc.

tigerpump® are eco friendly, Zero power consuming turbo vaned to evacuate hot gases and fumes from the enclosed area and make the working better for workmen and lower the temperatures (4 – 5 Deg C) by inducing more air changes in the area. Lower temperatures not only adds to the comfort of working staff but also improves the efficiency of most of the operating machines like compressors, condensors etc.

The “tigerpump” is a revolutionary conceptual product which exhausts the hot gases from an enclosed area with out using any electric power. Yes absolute zero power consumption. We have a number of satisfied clients in all over India.

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