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Time: 2010-05-24

The M3 S3-R is a symbol of  what kind of fat we expect Dinan mini air compressor Engineering DIY Repair car air compressors. in Morgan Hill, California, and the type of price  View Dinan everything, including the engine, suspension, brakes, wheels, chips and a Coca-Cola, and the $ 47,836 bill. It is, after buying a BMW M3 Coupe $ 60,575 and $ 1,806 on new tires.

Thus, the engine of $ 31,234 in the S3-R adds Makeover Dinan 609 cc, the engine is 4.6 liters rechambering car. Dinan throttle bores (additional air circulation) and add a little light crank pulleys for the dissipation of parasitic water pump, reduce air conditioning compressor and alternator.

Finally, the arrow keys for this car, screws replaced Dinan air intake, the low-restriction exhaust and bigger central section with its own stainless steel "racing" exhaust (no catalytic converters), thunder and lightning.

tchotchkes with all internal and external changes, the power control of fungi, especially in the middle. Peak S3-R M3 at 527 hp at 7,800 rpm, the claims of Dinan, and 113-500 rpm in stock. Perhaps most importantly, the value pair of 295 pound-foot increase from 112-407, while also increasing the maximum torque of 3900 rpm in the 5200th

With a catalytic converter? Dinan said that 23 horses have been reduced, but runs on 93 octane would add 15, so that should not make a big difference.

If not for the engine, carbon fiber Strut Tower Bar, billet aluminum and adjustable rear control links leading Heim Spring accessories attached. They are more rigid than the units of the rubber rings false values that allow re-twisting under acceleration.

Now the results have been difficult.

Dinan've thought of a mile to a quarter turn on the low end of 12 seconds, instead of 12.5 seconds, actually booked to 118 miles per hour. The bearings are M3 many manual gearbox, the test was only slightly (from 12.6 to 12.9 seconds).

Making the disease the number, we realized that the cost of turnover M3 S3-R in the timeline, the tires. Power is nothing without traction and the car seems to have its own permanent ice route. In a dusty desert, breaks easily get rid of fat in the Michelin first and second gears, so a car is not easy to get out of the hole.


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