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The compressor may help reduce your energy industry

Time: 2010-05-20

In addition to selling car air compressors industry and the automotive industry metal air compressor , Lontra is also marketing its technology for treating sewage sludge . One percent of electricity consumption in Europe is consumed by the plant wastewater treatment by blowing air cleaning,according to the company.

A British developed Clean tech start-ups claim to a solution, which average 10 percent of total electricity consumed in the European industry has to reduce spending on air compression.

Lontra, in the Midlands, has announced details of its patented design of the compressor first in public since its foundation in 2004.

Compression technology as the blade and several other compressors on the market, especially known for the amount of RAM instead of moving upward, in a room, turn around like a gondola on a Ferris wheel at high speed,another important element Lontra compressor that runs continuously in the center of the drum. .

As the piston, which in this case a complete rotation every blade slides into the slot on a hard disk.

Hombersley Simon, Director of Business Development for Lontra, said that when she becomes the piston induces a volume of air behind it as a traditional bulb will cause the air as it descended into a cylinder. When the leaves of the piston slide through the slot in the disk, the volume of air trapped behind the push, "he said.

Hombersley said: "It's like a piston compressor, which absorbs the air valve closed and the air pushes back to boost pressure. What's different here is that there is a change of direction. It is fully adjustable.

If the blade of the compressor is used instead of the traditional industrial compressors, Hombersley said companies can expect to see an increase of 20 per cent percent efficiency.

The UK effort sponsored by the Technology Strategy Board is its Lontra Supercharger sheet showing the basic design used by the compression of the sheet. The compressor will be built to stimulate the air into the engine to a Ford vehicle demonstration and showed reduced early next year.

Lontra Although technology made headlines in recent years due to financial support from the Carbon Trust UK, the company was reluctant to provide information on the mechanical components of the spread of aircraft so far.

Hombersley said, because Lontra announced a series of demonstration projects such as large recently, and their cooperation with the Bureau of Automotive Ricardo and the Ford Motor Company begins in force.

Hombersley said the integration of the compressor with the engine should be a relatively simple process.

Currently we have not built, but we believe that a relatively simple belt drive, the existing engine control ECU port and variable increase in the right engine as a compressor would be normal, "he said.

Hombersley said the goal is to demonstrate that a car can use to speed and save fuel consumption while achieving levels to stimulate the motor, the driving experience.

"It's not blue sky thinking," he said. "This is a practical application, to be in the car a few years, not decades.

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