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School Buses Should Install Warning Lights

Time: 2010-05-04

School buses have to sweep fires to protect students in traffic accidents, the Minister of Disaster Management, Musa Ecweru said Friday.foldable work light

The portable warning lights are lighting systems for emergency vehicles to warn the driver to yield. They are used by ambulances and police cars drive.LED spot light

Ecweru said that the new lights are part of the preparedness measures and disaster management policy presented to the Parliament.

He said the Cabinet approved the policy.

Take the issue of security for our serious students of disasters. I will soon table disaster preparedness and management policy of the Parliament, said Ecweru.

He was addressing Bugema University students in a public dialogue about the trends and patterns of disaster management in Uganda.

First, it prohibits the transfer of students in trucks. Now we have school buses with lights sweep, so that buses are seen at a distance from other motorists. Caller coaches are treated? Booked.

Last week, fell five students from primary school in Victoria in Jinja to death after a drunken driver crashed into a school bus which was parked on the street.

Ecweru said the same way, the rooms have been designed for the dual, there is no evidence that students thief easily escape in the event of a disaster like fire.

He added that the government reacts to public schools and buildings without safety standards.

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