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How To Jump Start A Car

Time: 2010-03-23

What you will need:

1.A car with the same voltage battery as your own, fully charged
2.A set of jumper cables
3.A wire brush (Optional)
4.Safety glasses
5.Rubber gloves (Optional)

Car batteries can lose their charge for more than a few reasons. Leaving the portable warning lights on has to be the number one reason. A dead battery is such an unexpected thing that most of us are caught unprepared. It's times like these when many of us rely on the kindness of strangers to jump start our cars, but sometimes you need to be the kindly stranger or at least the one who knows which cable goes where.

Before you start:

When you're stranded in the mall parking lot or on the side of the road asking passing motorists if they'll give you a jump start for your car, you'll find that there are two kinds of motorists: those who have jumper cables and those who don't.

If you get your own set of jumper cables, and keep them in the car, you'll increase your chances of getting a jump-start by about a billion percent. What you need to get is a good set of heavy gauge (4 to 8 gauge) copper jumper cables that are at least 10 feet long. They will pay for themselves the first time that you're stuck with a dead battery.

Check the battery first:

Batteries have an electrolyte solution inside them that contains sulfuric acid. If that solution is frozen, don't try to jump it. If your battery has removable vent caps, you can look inside to see if the liquid is frozen (replace the caps after looking). It's not easy to tell otherwise.


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