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The Introduction Of Rechargeable Work Light

Time: 2010-02-09

It is rechargeable work light. It is a rechargeable LED trouble light . There are no cables to turbulence and not hot, dangerous, fragile, handle and light bulbs. It is in a strong ABS plastic and has two hooks you can hang LED spot light anywhere you can hang a traditional lamp problem. The hook at the top and bottom of the device, you can add a head lamp depend either up or down.

It has a rechargeable NiMH battery inside, and there are no cables to fuss or stumble ... o wait, I said.

It has a slight curve (of course, shower-like) shape, although the degree of the curve is low and apparent, as in the picture above and both  used  to see photos. The curved shape is the result of damage caused by testing, I was like the right package. Best My guess is because it is easily bent into curved form little easier for you to work easily used by a flat surface when you were a magnet to remove it to accompany the surface.

Its light source is 78 T1?(5mm) white LEDs.That is why I bought the camera, micro waxes are not  is  Millicandela.  

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