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Heavy Duty Air Pump,Heavy duty Air Compressors,Mini Air CompressoFord Stroker Motor - Stroker Th

Time: 2009-10-16

        Though you may not realize it, Ford Motor Company has been in the stroker business since the early '60s. In 1962, the Blue Oval boys introduced the 221 V8 that featured a 3.50-inch bore, a 2.87-inch stroke and was installed in lightweight Fairlanes (and later Falcons). By the late '60s, Heavy Duty Air Pump Ford cars grew in size (and weight) and the small-block followed suit. It was first enlarged to 260 cubic inches and then to 289 inches. In 1968 the little V8 grew one final time to 302 cubic inches, still using the same basic block design.Heavy duty Air Compressors,Mini Air Compressors

        At the time, the 302-inch small-block was factory rated at 230 horsepower (with a 4-barrel carb), but it was not considered a performance engine-at least not considering the power of the hot 390 and 428 engines in the Mustang's lineup. With a 4-inch bore and a 3-inch stroke, the 302 had the potential to make great power, but it was all at high rpm. When Ford found the need for a more powerful small-block with lots of low-end torque, it went with the 351 Windsor, a derivative of the 302, albeit with a raised deck to accommodate a longer stroke. Additionally, the 351 used a different crankshaft main journal size (3.00-inches compared to 2.248-inches), but the basic block design is the same as the 289/302 and cylinder heads are interchangeable.
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        In the time since the late '60s, engine builders have gone past the standard bore and stroke specifications of the 302 (and 351 and big-block engines, too) using modified and aftermarket cranks, pistons and rods to gain cubic inch displacement. With the current list of available aftermarket parts you can now take a 302 or 289 engine and make it as large as 355 cubic inches. And when using the Ford Racing (M-6010-S351 or M-6010-W351) 351-based 9.5-inch blocks, you can achieve a maximum displacement of 454 cubic inches, all with a great amount of user friendliness.

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